There are 3 products available:

- OfficioDM (Single User)

- OfficioDM Pro (Multi User)

- File Stream (Enterprise)

Free OfficioDM Pro Software
with every scanner purchase


OfficioDM is our FREE entry-level product designed for single PC’s. Ideal for individuals, home users and businesses who wish to explore the company benefits of a Document Management System, but do not immediately wish to invest in a large and complex product. Simply download from our web site.

Download your FREE OfficioDM utility, please click HERE


OfficioDM Pro is an entry level Document Management system that can be upgraded at anytime to the full File Stream. It is nonetheless still a powerful system with from 3 to 15 concurrent users, indexing, encryption etc.

A 3 user system is offered FREE with the purchase of any Fujitsu scanner. Contact us to request a voucher, click HERE


File Stream is our fully-featured document management solution designed to meet the requirements of any company or organisation from a single user to a large corporate.

File Stream is the product to choose if you require above 15 users and unlimited document storage, Cloud or On-Premise, Workflow, Automation, Integration, Access Rights etc.

How can Filestream Document Management Software help your business ?

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